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Electrical Accessories

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BRIGHTEST: Includes 30 individual energy-saving LED bulbs, designed for a longer lifespan. Carry 360 degree of luminous light while saving energy.
2.000 KD
Smokeless,odourless,tasteless. -No sparks while lighting or using. -Last longer -Highly economic -Number of Charcoal : 80pcs (10pcs /roll, 8 rolls/box)
1.500 KD
Geepas ensures that you are never caught unprepared in case of power interruptions or emergency situations by providing you with reliable Light when you need it most through the new Portable Emergency LED Lantern and torch
9.250 KD 14.000 KD
Offering great durability with long use, the Geepas rechargeable LED flashlight is a handy tool to have around the house. Featuring micro Led bulbs, it delivers bright beams of white light on any area. Being corrosion resistant, water and shock resistant, the flashlights can stand the wear and tear of long use
5.000 KD 6.500 KD
This Geepas Led Torch has a high-intensity LED that gives bright white light which is not harsh and gives you a daytime appearance. This torch is very much useful in emergency light in case of power failures at your home. Built-up with the durable extra hard body which is anti-skid, shock resistant and sustains even by rough handling
12.000 KD 17.750 KD
Beam Distance of 2000 meters Hyper-bright Microchip LED Long-lasting Battery that can be charged up to 1500 times Aircraft-grade Anodized Aluminium Body Includes 5 flashlights
15.500 KD 22.500 KD