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Selfie Stick

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Take your own picture no need to ask strangers to take your picture better angled picture flexible mobile holder
1.500 KD
Hoco Stable Support Mobile / Tablet Holder
2.500 KD
Hoco Stable Support Mobile / Tablet Holder
3.250 KD 4.500 KD
The Lazy mobile stand with a Multifunction Clip, which allow you to use the clip as a Desktop Phone/ is best for to Watch movies / videos , Listen music on the bed,desk,car without holding your phone! Universal holder for Mobile Phones and Tablet Flexible arm for different angle and distance,the phone can be rotated 360 degree.
1.250 KD
360 Degree Rotation and Flexible, Stable, No Shaking, hold ur Phone Firmly In Place, With Soft Sponge, It Is Comfortable to Wear on The Neck. Strap it Around Your neck, You Can Wrap It Around Your Car Steering Wheel, You Can Put It On The Ground Or Bed or anywhere else you can imagine.
1.250 KD
Very convenient to be taken away to family travels, adventures, parties, concerts etc. Built-in shutter button and 3.5 mm wired connecting designed for taking continuous selfies to freeze those happy moments with your friends, families.
0.900 KD
Mini tripod Selfie,is not only very helpful to capture moments of photography, but also can hold the camera steady It is very comfortable while folding the legs and can capture every angle for HD video camera filming Portable, Lightweight and flexible. Work very well, feel comfortable. Unique mirror design,self timer and more comfortable. Material rugged, micro-single phone DV machine in the above stability, is not worried. Normal tripod like to have some stability even single micro/card cam
0.500 KD