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Equipped with a high-precision strain, Electronic Personal Digital Scale gives accurate results. It features a capacity of 150Kg and is sturdy. The automatic zero setting brings the reading down to zero once you get down of this weighing scale. It has an overload indication feature that warns you if the weight on the scale goes above 150Kgs. It has a low battery indication function that indicates when it is time to change the battery. It features an ABS Platform.
2.750 KD
Geepas trimmer kit includes beard trimmer, precision trimmer, Nose/Ear trimmer, shaver head, cleaning brush, 4 comb, Bs adaptor and 1 cutting guide comb with charging stand and different length settings for a precision trimmer, styling your beard and body hair to meet your grooming needs.
5.750 KD 8.000 KD
Add value and style to your cooking with the Geepas 3-in-1 Multi-Function Blender features a 1.6 liter capacity. It comes fully equipped with powerful 400W copper core motor to deliver superior performance. The mincing attachment and dry mill are ideal for preparing a wide variety of dishes in a short time. The over heat protection saves on power and efficiency. This blender also includes 4 speed controls with pulse rotation for maximum convenience.
7.500 KD 10.900 KD
Rechargeable lady beauty 4 in 1 set, Beauty and streamlined shape,Good design, good hand feeling, easy to use
7.000 KD 8.500 KD
n efficient alternative to cooking rice on the hob, the Geepas 700W Rice Cooker allows you to perfect your measurements and controls cooking conditions to ensure fluffy results every time. With its large 1.8L capacity, you can cook a single cup or up to 6 cups of rice in one go – ideal if you’re cooking for one or hosting a dinner party. Perfect for cooking all types of rice - including Arborio, jasmine, white, basmati, long grain and more. Ideal for family dining, batch cooking and meal preppin
8.500 KD 11.900 KD
This unique Geepas GRC4334 electric rice cooker comes with 3 built-in functions, cooking, steaming and keeping the cooked food warm for a longer duration of time. This eliminates the trouble of reheating food before serving. Along with making your cooking experience hassle-free, this high-quality kitchen appliance is also easy to carry with its detachable power cord and easy to clean with its non-stick inner pot.
8.500 KD 11.000 KD